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Parenting 101: Basic Theories On Discipline For Teens

Your teen is the light of your life, until they’re not. Of course you’ll always love them, but when they do something wrong, it’s your job to correct, guide, and put them on the right path once again. You want what is best for them, which means you need to give them the best support, Read more..

Residential Treatment Helps Struggling Teens Manage Technology Addictions

Helping your teen overcome a technology addiction is difficult to know where to start. Depending on the severity of his addiction, you may find yourself wondering what needs to be done to get him well again. Residential treatment is a long time remedy to help your son adjust back to normal life without a dependency Read more..

Getting to the Root of Your Son’s Anger Problems

Anger is a strong emotion that can be brought on by many different things. Sometimes it gets to a point where you have done all you can do at home, and need to find other sources of help for your son. Address the Problem While we all like to think we can control and influence Read more..

13 Ways Teens Can Combat Suicidal Thoughts

It’s something you think will never happen to you, or to those you love. But the reality is that suicide is the second leading cause of death for teens. Although it can be a heavy topic to discuss, there are ways that teens can overcome these suicidal thoughts and feelings. While there are many ways Read more..

​Helping Your Troubled Teen Son Get Ready For Adulthood

Although the thought of a troubled teen becoming an adult might bring anxiety and worry to overwhelmed parents, there are ways you can help him prepare to become a responsible and valuable member to his community and society. Progress can be made with your teen son when you invest your time and patience in his Read more..

How to Help Your Troubled Teen Develop Healthy Relationships

Before coming up with a way to help your troubled teen develop health relationships, think about your first romantic experiences. Everything was new…the feelings, thoughts, and of course, activities. It was as if you were transformed to another place. Now that you have that perspective, you can start to conjure up ways to help your Read more..