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Finding Emotional Support For Parents With Struggling Teens

Teenagers are facing a lot these days. The strain of the average high school student seems to be higher than ever before and depression rates have been skyrocketing as a result. Everyone is talking about the problem, trying to find the cause and a solution. As a parent this is especially draining for you. You Read more..

Talking About Seasonal Depression With Your Teen & How Winter Moods Can Impact The Family

The chill of winter is in the air. Christmas music is playing on the radio. Stores are putting out their decorations and announcing their sales. It is officially the holidays but not everyone is feeling the cheer. Seasonal depression is a real condition. Impacting up to 20% of people in the US to different degrees, Read more..

Common Cries for Attention from Troubled Teens

Teen depression is on the rise and with it so is the suicide rate, which now holds the second place position as the most common reasons teenagers lose their lives. It is a terrifying trend, one that has many experts scrambling to figure out just what it is causing the depression, stress and anxiety in Read more..

How To Help Your Teen Cut Back On Social Media

Oh, social media. It has become both a joy and a bane in our existence. Checking our Facebook accounts is second nature and done an average of fourteen times every day (a conservative estimate for some of us). Teens are even more socially connected. It is estimated that young people today spend as much as Read more..

Help Your Son Get Their Life Back With The Best Teen Therapy For Him

A great statistic was released back in 2014: two-thirds of all teens who experience significant behavioral, mental or emotional problems receive therapy that does not involve medication. That means 70% of teenagers who are struggling are getting the help they need, a trend that appears to have grown over the years thanks to initiatives to Read more..

How to Create Family Peace for the Holidays

Family peace might be right up there with that eternal wish for “world peace.” It certainly seems that way, at least, within the dynamics of many families. Families with troubled teens know family peace might be a fleeting desire. They shouldn’t give up, however. There are a few ways to create family peace—and with the Read more..