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Parents Worried About Their Troubled Teens Newfound Summer “Love”

You are sitting at home when your teen bursts through the door late…again. This is the fourth night in a row they have broken curfew and you have had it. Squaring up for a fight you ask them what they think they are doing and get no response other than a muttered “Sorry”. That is, Read more..

What Parents Have In Mind Entering The Holidays With An Entitled Troubled Teen

The holidays can be a tricky time when you have an entitled, badly behaved teen. They expect the world and demand that you give it to them. But if you are honest, looking back over the year you know that they deserve nothing but a lump of coal. With Christmas right around the corner you Read more..

Dealing with Family Stress and its Effects on Troubled Youth During the Holidays

The holidays carry mixed emotions for troubled youth and their families. While teens often enjoy the celebrations during this time of year, they feel the extra burden of family stress as well. In addition, the hectic pace presents its own challenges as families try to cram lots of activities into an already busy schedule. You Read more..

Helping Your Troubled Girl With A History Of Self Harming

Unfortunately, many teens self harm. According to Psych Central, 2 to 3 million Americans engage in some type of injuring themselves, and those who do it at one point in their lives may even struggle with it later on. Here are some ways to help your teen daughter who is struggling with a history of Read more..

Working with Your Troubled Teen to Complete Their Court Ordered Community Service

Your troubled teen has been ordered by the court to complete community service hours. Now what? He or she is not alone. Plenty of teens — about 55 percent or 15.5 million young people — volunteer across the nation, according to a study done by the federal government of more than 3,000 teens from January Read more..

What To Do If Your Teen Is Expelled From School

The worst has finally happened: your teen has been pushing the boundaries and often crossing straight over the line for months and has now been expelled for their behavior. The school’s administration refuse to overturn the decision, leaving your child out of school and you at your wit’s end. According to data taken back in Read more..

Steps to Sobriety: How to Help Your Teen Break Substance Addiction

It is every parent’s worst nightmare. Your teen has been acting erratically for some time. Their grades have been slipping. They are combative and angry, or depressed and tired. Their relationships are suffering. You finally find proof of what you feared: they have been using drugs and it isn’t recreational. They have fallen face first Read more..