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Honest Confidence is Built When Teens are Given Proper Therapy

Honest confidence, or good self-esteem, is built and improved in teenagers (boys and girls alike) when they are given proper therapy. Though self-esteem issues themselves are often not treated with therapy, the improvement happens as a natural side effect of treating other issues. Why is this? Let’s take a closer look at self-esteem in teens Read more..

Parenting Resources for Extremely Challenging Teenagers

You’re at your wit’s end. Your teenager is out of control, and you have no idea what to do next. You know he’ll end up in juvenile detention soon. It’s time to act to get your extremely challenging teen off the path of destruction. The following parenting resources will help you do just that, so Read more..

A Clean Slate: Helping Your Teen Start Over After Misconduct On Their Permanent Record

No parent wants to hear that their teenage son has seriously misbehaved at school, but it does happen to even the best of parents. Cheating on tests is just one example of serious misconduct at school. If your son has serious misconduct on their permanent school record, how can you help him wipe the slate Read more..

Therapy vs Behavior Modification for Teenage Boys

If your teenage son is dealing with tough behavioral and emotional issues and you are at your wits’ end, you might be thinking about different treatment options to help him. The two most popular treatment options today are behavior modification and therapy. Today we’ll take a closer look at the two to help you understand Read more..