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Finding Resources To Help Your Troubled Teen In Their Home Environment

One of the critical elements to helping a troubled teen is consistency. For many families, this means finding help and resources in ways that can fit into everyday life and existing routines. It’s important to keep your teen attending school, participating in extracurriculars, functioning in their religious and community commitments, and seeing their healthy and Read more..

A Therapeutic Program Away from Your Home State May Be Better than Local Addiction Rehab Programs

Troubled teens and their problems can concern their parents, their family and even their community. A teen is at the point in their life where the world is open to them, and parents need to make the right decisions when it comes to treating troubled teens. Parents should seek professional advice when it comes to Read more..

When To Report Suicidal Behavior Trends In Your Friends

Suicide is such an uncomfortable topic,, but one that absolutely must be talked about more openly. There exists a stigma surrounding suicide that talking about it would further encourage the behavior, but in most cases there were conversations and warning signs that were not addressed before the tragedy occurred. As a teen, suicide is an Read more..

How Inciting Reasonable Fear Can Help Your Irrational Teen

Fear – it can be a gripping and crippling emotion that controls us. It can stop us from from moving forward, send us sprinting in the wrong direction, or bring to our lives a totally irrational view of the past, present, and future. For teens, fear can be especially poignant, since their brain development is Read more..

The Importance of Phrasing: How to Disarm Your Aggravated Teen With Words

We all remember what it was like to be a teenager—even if it was a long time ago—but dealing with a rude, aggravated teen can be difficult no matter what. Still, it can help to try to remind yourself what they’re going through when you get caught in their path of destruction. Remember that words Read more..

Learning Your Teens Personal Triggers For Self Harming Behaviors

When it comes to self-harm, everyone tends to have a lot of questions. Why would you hurt yourself? Doesn’t it, well, hurt? Are they just trying to get attention? Where did they learn this? How does it help? Does it mean they have depression? Anxiety? Aggression? Parents of self-harming teens may also ask questions like Read more..