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At-Home Solutions to Addressing Your Son’s Overreactions

To go with your son’s adolescent growth-spurt, a nasty little temper might take over your teenager. Simple conversations can deteriorate into arguments. Basic rules twist into tyrannical edicts in his eyes. You might long for the peace of days past when the biggest complaint your agreeable little boy protested was his bedtime. However, you can Read more..

Staying In Touch With Your Teen While They’re In Our Therapeutic Program

Life as the parent of teenagers is no walk in the park but nothing prepares you for the upheaval brought about by raising troubled teens. These teenagers are plagued by a variety of emotional and behavioral issues ranging from depression and anxiety to substance abuse, oppositional defiance disorder and developmental difficulties, among others. Left unchecked, Read more..

The Difference Between Clinical Depression And Situational Depression

Most parents are initially quick to blame their teen’s melancholy mood on haywire hormones and may attempt to coax them from their gloominess by telling them to “Just snap out of it” or even enrolling them in boot camps or military schools to toughen them up. However, there can be more to teen depression than Read more..

Addressing Self-Destructive Behavior With Your Teen Without Triggering Defense Tactics

Parents struggle every day with making wise decisions when it comes to their child, knowing that their poor choices might damage him or her. A child might become self-destructive for a multitude of reasons, such as dealing with a parent’s divorce, preferential treatment to a sibling with a learning disability, a difficult move and more. Read more..

What Parent Advocacy Groups Say about Troubled Youth Programs in Utah

You want the best for your child. When teenagers are troubled with emotional or mental health issues or if they are misbehaving in school, you might wonder what you should do. If there doesn’t seem to be any hope for permanent change, a therapeutic boarding school might be your best answer. Parent advocacy groups highly Read more..

Parenting Teens in a World of Unrealistic Expectations

Parents of teenagers need to mentally prepare for the emotional changes that come with adolescence. While children need boundaries and parental control, those rules should decrease as the teenage years approach. When a teenager doesn’t perform according to their parent’s expectations, stress levels rise and conflict occurs. Expectations are psychologically important to the developing teen. Read more..