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Getting Your Teen to Unplug: What Works and What Doesn’t

In this modern era, parents find it difficult to get their children away from technology and involved in different activities. Children who always have their eyes fixed on a smartphone or computer screen also tend to ignore their parents, which causes communication problems. Parents commonly respond by yelling or punish their child for not paying Read more..

All Hope Is Not Lost – Your Teen Can Overcome Behavioral Problems with Help

Your teen often mirrors the behavior you went through when they were a toddler; however, you will notice a different response from your teen. The eye rolls your teen uses compare to the defiant “No!” they used as a toddler. However, the stakes are higher for teens. Even so, with help, you can find ways Read more..

Helping Your Teen Get the Most Out of His High School Education

Your teen enjoys extracurricular activities and spending time with friends, but he struggles with his classwork. You know he’s not putting the necessary effort into studying, so his grades are suffering. However, you can develop a strategic plan of attack that will help him get the most out of his high school education. Ways to Read more..

Tough Love Treatments for Behavioral Problems

Teenagers face a multitude of hormonal changes, emotional difficulties, and growth from 12-18. Sometimes they don’t know what to do with these struggles and turn to troubling behavior. Managing their emotions with drugs, alcohol, and promiscuous behavior is common in the teen years. If left unaddressed, it can carry over into adulthood and have lasting Read more..

Making The Decision To Place Your Teen In A Trusted Therapeutic Boarding School

The decision to place your troubled teenager in a therapeutic boarding school is not a single snap decision. It’s been years in the making. From the first time you laid down the law of a new rule and consequence, to realizing the issues might be serious, to finally acknowledging that you’ve done all you can Read more..