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Navigating Teenage Boys Who’ve Suddenly Become Distant, Rude, and Uninterested

Hormones can change teenage boy overnight. Frustrations brew inside, and the feelings are just too strong to contain. Those feelings lead to outbursts, which are confronted by disdain from adults. The disappointment leads to more frustration that then lead to hostility and negative behaviors. Adolescence has never been an easy stage to go through. With Read more..

Taking Care Of Your Mental Health So You Can Take Care Of Your Teen

Personal emotional health has to do with feeling happy, self-confident and aware of what makes us who we are in this life. When people have good emotional health, they are better able to handle life’s challenges; they are resilient. Emotional health isn’t something that simply takes care of itself. Just like we have to eat Read more..

Are You Unknowingly Participating In Competitive Parenting?

It’s not an official event, of course, but that doesn’t make it any less real. Competitive parenting has likely been around as long as parenting itself, though it seems that this generation is facing it in new and pervasive levels. Parents must constantly resist the urge to compare their parenting (and their children) to other Read more..

Teens Can Learn to Respect Authority in a Residential Treatment Program

As they pass through the development phase we call “teen,” it seems that the part of their brains that understand and communicate respect disappear. One day your child is happily doing what you ask of them, then suddenly they’re challenging every request, every statement, everything! If you have a particularly troublesome teen you may also Read more..

How To Focus On Your Family By Putting Down Your Phone

How often are you nagging your teen to “put the stupid phone away” or “stop playing so many video games!” or “can’t you limit your screen time?”? For most parents, it’s quite often. It can be a daily or even hourly struggle. Teens are using technology more than ever before and the amount of screen Read more..