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Parents Can Help Troubled Teens By Giving Them Space to Find Direction

Control is the biggest challenge for teens and parents. Teens are growing up faster these days, and they believe they are equal to adults. With that equality, they believe they have control. As parents, we believe we have control, so we try to hold onto or steel the power back. It’s like a tug-o-war with Read more..

Coming Home from Treatment: How to Keep Your Teens on a Positive Path

Coming home from a therapeutic boarding school can be an exciting, yet frightening experience for teens and their parents. Going from a structured environment to home life isn’t always an easy transition. Not only do teens have to learn how to take what they were taught in treatment and apply it to their home and Read more..

The Parent’s Guide to Raising the Perfect Child

SURPRISE! It doesn’t exist. But you should keep reading, because the tips and ideas we’ve compiled to share with you are almost as good as a parent’s guide for raising the perfect child. We promise. We know how hopeless you can feel as a parent. We know how lost, confused, and even scared you may Read more..

Helping Teens Strengthen Friendships Within Their Peer Groups

If you ask any teen to rank the things that are important to them, we’re willing to bet that their friends rank in their top three. Friendships are critical for teenagers, and often figure largely in their daily life. Friendship can mold personalities, interests, and habits. As a parent of teens you may already be Read more..

Parenting When Your Teens are Angry, Distant, and Defiant

Is there a worse curse than an angry, distant, or defiant teenager? The parents of angry, distant, defiant teenagers would tell you that there isn’t. Parenting teenagers is hard enough. Their moods constantly change, their personality is still forming and testing the water, and everything is new and very serious. And that’s the case even Read more..

Preparing For The New Year With Troubled Teens At Home

Looking back at the past twelve months, you probably see a lot of conflict. When you have a troubled teenager in your home, every day feels like a fight, every night riddled with worry. As a new year approaches, you may feel burnt out and lacking hope for a better twelve months ahead. With the Read more..

Teaching Teens Responsibility With Their Handheld Devices

Smart phones are an incredible tool and blessing in our lives. They make just about everything easier for us – communication, navigation, tracking, learning, work, fun, productivity, and even self-care. Unfortunately, like most tools, smart phones can be misused and abused, and they come with their own set of challenges. When most teens today have Read more..

Being The Role Models Our Teens Need

Our psychological well-being depends on our role models. They help guide us through our life. We look to them to give us insight into important decisions because we want to make the right choices to be happy. This need for a role model starts when we’re children. Children need role models in their lives, so Read more..


No one can push our buttons like our children. When they get into their teen years it becomes less of a buzz of annoyance, and more a nonstop exercise in not losing your mind. Teenagers are, by their very nature, difficult to deal with. Fighting can become a daily occurrence, which can send any parent Read more..


Being a parent is a difficult undertaking. Especially when your child moves from the years of being young and dependent on you, to being older and more dependent on themselves. Teenagers begin to separate from their parents as they enter adolescence, and from there form their own thoughts, emotions, opinions and personality. Once they reach Read more..