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Oppositional Defiant Disorder: Your Teen’s Future Outlook

Living with the struggles of Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) in your child or teen can be a heart wrenching and exhausting experience. Categorized as a potentially lifelong condition by the DSM-5, ODD is extreme disobedience or acts of consistent defiance against any figures of authority in the child’s life. This doesn’t mean the usual tantrums, Read more..

Parents: Improving Communication with Your Teen

As parents, we’re all learning to navigate this ever changing relationship with our children. Parent-teen conflicts are hard on everyone involved. We struggle with verbal attacks from our teen, and our teen becomes frustrated because of we attempt to harness control. What everyone needs to know (parents and teens) is that this is normal, and Read more..

5 Things All Parents Should Know About Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

When you worry about your teen using dangerous substances, what is it causing the most anxiety? Alcohol? Marijuana? MDMA? All of these are common recreational habits of people under 21, and certainly pose a threat. But the most frequently abused substances probably aren’t coming from out in the streets. Teens are finding it in your Read more..

Moving Forward with Age Appropriate Communication with Your Troubled Teen

When boys are young, it’s not uncommon for them to be told they shouldn’t cry. This is a confusing message and ultimately teaches young men to suppress their hurt feelings which can actually lead to some significant negative health effects for your son. When boys are instructed not to let their feelings show, they’re very unlikely to Read more..

Your Teen Is Keeping Secrets if This App Is On Their Phone

There are a lot of great applications and uses for smartphones, but there are also some dangerous ones. Certain smartphone apps mean nothing but trouble, and it’s important as parents that you know which ones should raise red flags. An important type of app that parents should be aware of is a vault app. These Read more..

Abuse: The Only Language Your Son Seems to Understand

Being a parent of a troubled teenage boy is never easy. You’re likely no stranger to frustration and anger when your son acts out. Sometimes, you feel so stumped, so frustrated that hitting and screaming seem to be the only options for getting through to your son. But there are better solutions to these trying Read more..