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Skills That Boys Need to Learn From Their Parents

Raising a boy in today’s world is arguably tougher than ever, but as their parent, it’s your job to see them through and keep them on the right track. You may have heard people say that it takes a community to raise a child, but there are some skills that boys absolutely need to learn Read more..

Teaching Introverted Teenage Boys to Communicate with Girls

Raising a child that has a tendency to spend a lot of time by themselves and gets upset easily is no easy task. The adolescent years can be particularly tough for introverted boys. Some tend to spend a lot of time by themselves and get teased, internalizing the negative words that are thrown their way. Read more..

Making Meaningful Conversation With Your Kids A Regular Occurrence At Home

Talking to your kids can be a real challenge and it’s tempting to fall into a pattern of not making the effort. Smart phones, homework, activities and work can all get in the way, but it’s no excuse. If you don’t have conversations with your kids on a regular basis you lose touch and talking Read more..

Contributing Factors to Teens with Violent Behavior

Being a teenager has always had its challenges, but being one in today’s world poses its own unique challenges. As a parent or guardian it can be difficult to relate to what they are going through and get them the help they need. The first step is understanding what they’re up against and what may Read more..