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Improving Communication With Your Teen – Infographic

All parents hope to find some common ground with their teen when the communication gets a little rough. We have created this infographic to help parents find ways to improve their communication with their teen. proper communication takes two willing parties, it is up to the parents to do everything they can top make sure Read more..

Things Your Teen Needs To Learn ASAP About The Opposite Sex

Teenagers are new to the world of dating and intimate relationships, and their inexperience can lead them to make some big mistakes when going out with the opposite sex. Teen boys and girls can be complete opposites when it comes to certain issues in a relationship, such as communication, thinking process, making decisions and more. Read more..

How You Can Help Your Teen Struggling In School With No-Rescue Parenting

Teens that are struggling academically don’t have the benefit of the experience that adults have to problem solving. That’s why many teens get frustrated and give up when they face challenges. As a parent, it’s up to you to provide help to your struggling teenager without swooping in and fixing it for them. When teens Read more..

3 Great Ways to Help Your Teen Build Their Own Identity

Every parent wants their teenager to know their own worth and to feel confident in who they are and what they like. However, the teen years are full of obstacles to a good self-esteem, and it’s all parents can do to keep their teenagers away from depression, anxiety, peer pressure and more. One of the Read more..

Cyber Bullying: The Swift Killer of Teen Self Esteem

Teenagers encounter so many influences that cause their self-esteem to plummet, from body image and peer pressure to racism and sexism. Teens are constantly seeking out approval from others, to make sure they are valued and cared for. As they go through adolescence, negative feedback about themselves can really cause their self-esteem to diminish. It’s Read more..