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How Indirect Communication May Be the Best Way to Connect with Your Pothead Teen

The National Institute on Drug Abuse released a study that indicated that marijuana use has risen during the past five years for teens in eighth, tenth and twelfth grades, possibly because of relaxed views of the drug’s risks. Respectively, 7 percent, 18 percent and 22.7 percent used the drug in 2013. But what does this Read more..

Recommended Parenting Books You Should Check Out

The way we parent our children has a tremendous impact on the type of adult they will become. Much of who we are as adults can be linked to how we experienced the world when we were really young, for better or worse. If you’re interested in learning some really interesting and helpful parenting insights Read more..

What Type of Therapeutic Treatment Does My Teen Need?

Parents of teens face significant challenges even when everything goes well; parents suffer serious heartbreak when they see their teens act out in self-destructive ways. Not only is it harmful to the teens, but the entire family feels the affected member’s pain. It takes courage for most parents to acknowledge the need for outside help. Read more..

Utah Therapeutic Boarding Schools Laws and Requirements

The Utah Department of Administrative Services has put basic health and safety standards in place to govern therapeutic boarding schools for troubled boys. While they have implemented extensive regulations, the following provides a brief overview of the basic requirements needed to obtain a residential treatment license. Physical Site Requirements Before any school can offer residential Read more..

Dangerous Apps to Look Out for On Your Teens Mobile Devices

The rise of affordable and accessible internet has introduced some new players to the field of parenting. One the one hand, your teen may be easier to get ahold of, more liable to schedule their lives and less likely to tie up the home phone line, but the down side is that it is becoming Read more..