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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Nebraska

If your teenage son has become such a challenge for you to handle, it may be time to consider therapeutic boarding schools to give him full time help and support. Many Nebraska parents have wondered what to do to get their teenage sons some professional help and have found that long-term boarding schools with therapy Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Mexico

Are you a New Mexico parent of a troubled teenage boy, and you are growing more worried about his behavior? It’s always a difficult decision to enroll your troubled teenage son into a long-term care facility so he can get help with his emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. The swirl of emotions you feel Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Kansas

If you have been exploring therapeutic boarding schools in Oregon, you have probably grown confused with all the information yet frustrated that nothing seems very clear. When you have a troubled teenage son, every day counts in getting him the help he needs. That’s way many Kansas parents are turning to Sundance Canyon Academy. We Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Arkansas

Are you an Arkansas parent of a troubled teen who wants to get the best help possible? It can be very confusing to try to figure out what your teenage son needs when he is struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues. Many teens across the country have found success with therapeutic boarding schools. Read more..

Managing Personal Expectations for Your Teen

Your teen is a contributing member of your household and is expected to participate in certain things, while communicating with you about their lives and their daily activities. Managing personal expectations for your teen can be difficult, especially as teens try to exert their independence and don’t feel as if they need to be so Read more..

Breaking The Silence, Talking To Your Boy About Mental Illness

Talking to your teen boy about mental illness can be difficult to do, and many parents get stuck in putting it off again and again. While talking with your teenage son about mental health and mental illnesses may not be easy, it is an essential part of a teen’s life and can affect whether or Read more..

Why It’s So Hard For Teen Boys to Share Their Feelings

It can be hard for teen boys to share their feelings with their parents, teachers, friends and even a therapists. Sharing feelings is one of the best ways to know what teens are dealing with and what problems and concerns they may have. A lack of this communications makes it hard for others to know Read more..

6 Tips to Getting Through the Holidays With A Troubled Teen​

As a parent of a troubled teen, you want to make sure they know how much you care for them and keep them involved with the family. During the holidays, there can be an extra amount of stress on teens, plus added expectations on the part of parents. Hopefully, you and your teen have been Read more..

Activities that Keep Your Troubled Teen’s Mind Healthy

As a parent who is struggling to cope with your teen’s unruly behavior, you might wonder if you can take proactive measures to deal with his attitude and actions. Instead of threatening, yelling or grounding, take another look at some activities that might engage his mind and encourage him in a positive direction. The following Read more..