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Comparing Therapy Versus Behavior Modification for Your Troubled Teen

If your teen is struggling with various problems and you aren’t sure what to do, you might consider therapy or behavior modification to help. But what’s the difference between the two and which one should you choose? The following information can help you understand the difference between these as you decide the best way to Read more..

How To Help Your Troubled Teen Stay Positive In Rough Times

Parents sometimes wonder how they can effectively help their adolescent through the teen years, which are admittedly fraught with hormones and drama. Teens deal with homework, conflicts with teachers, academic pressures, worries about the future and even stress at home. A positive attitude goes a long way toward teaching your young person how to be Read more..

How Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Impacts a Troubled Teen’s Mood

Your teen is becoming more lethargic and discouraged throughout the fall as winter approaches, despite his usual exuberance for the holiday season. He wants to sleep and lacks his normal zest for life. You might just chalk it up to troubled teen moods. However, he might have a health-related issue that could be more serious Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Rhode Island

For Rhode Island parents who are wondering what they need to do to get their troubled teen son back on the right track, it may be time to look at therapeutic boarding schools. While it may seem drastic to send your son to a residential treatment center, the reality is that he may benefit form Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in New Hampshire

Lots of teenagers go through a rebellious phase but if your son is struggling with emotional, behavioral or mental health issues, it may be time to get some professional help for him. Consistent therapy in a safe and supportive environment is often the only way that troubled teens can get back on a path toward Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Maine

Is your teen son failing in school, making poor choices and behaving badly? If you are a Maine parent who is out of options and your son’s behavior is only getting worse, it’s time to consider a therapeutic boarding school. It’s a safe and secure environment where qualified staff members work with troubled teens and Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Hawaii

Hawaii may seem like the type of place where troubles fade away, but many Hawaiian teenagers struggle with emotional, behavioral and mental health issues. When your teen son isn’t finding success in traditional schools and is engaging in risky behavior that is harmful to himself and his future, it’s time to look at therapeutic boarding Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Idaho

Are you the parent of a troubled teenage boy living in Idaho and you are looking at programs designed to provide him with therapy, academics and more? If so, you should definitely consider therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teenagers from Idaho. There are so many things to consider when it comes to choosing a therapeutic Read more..

Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Mississippi

When teens struggle with serious, chronic emotional, behavioral, and mental health issues, many parents begin to consider full-time therapeutic care. While this decision can be extremely difficult for parents of troubled teens in Mississippi, once they fully understand the benefits of such a residential treatment center they realize that this could be their teen son’s Read more..