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What My Troubled Boy Can Learn At A Therapeutic Boarding School?

Therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers are facilities that provide housing and specialized therapy for teens struggling with severe behavioral issues. These programs offer a supportive and immersive environment away from the daily triggers and temptations teens deal with at home. With the help of counselors and therapists trained in adolescent psychology, teens are Read more..

Schools For Troubled Teens Designed To Help Boys With ADHD

Attention deficit hyper-activity disorder is a medical condition that often shows up in school-aged children although the problems can start even younger. The person struggles with paying attention, hyperactive behaviors and low-impulse control. This can translate into low self-esteem, difficulty at school and struggles in relationships. Although the child’s behavior might improve with age, some Read more..

Behavioral Disorders Can Be Taken Care Of At Residential Treatment Centers For Teens

Your child is acting out, and you aren’t sure what to do. You have tried traditional methods at home, such as stricter rules, consequences, loss of privileges, counseling, transferring schools and even yelling. However, the problems have just worsened. Your child continues to be defiant and disruptive, upsetting everyone around them. You believe that his Read more..

Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys Help Teens Fight Daily Addictions

You have just experienced that moment that every parent dreads – your once-loving child seems to have transformed overnight into a nearly unrecognizable and hostile young person. The change is so drastic that you recognize that this is more than just teen hormones, and you realize that you might be dealing with substance abuse or Read more..

How Can A Residential Treatment Center For Teens Help My Drug-Abusing Son?

As a parent, you have just encountered one of your worst nightmares. Despite your best efforts, your teen son has been slowly slipping away from you and disconnecting. His grades have plummeted, he is awake until all hours, and his personality seems to have changed overnight. While you have suspected drugs, you hesitated to believe Read more..