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Who Sends Their Kids To A Private School For Troubled Teens

Private schools for troubled teens are full time residential programs that provide support and immersive care for teens with behavioral issues that cannot be effectively managed at home. Such teen help programs help troubled boys learn the skills they need to overcome their challenges without the distraction of the triggers and temptations they deal with Read more..

When You Know It Was Time To Look At Reform Schools For Troubled Teens

Parenting a teen with extreme behavioral issues can take up all of your resources and energy. It can seem impossible that your child is no longer willing or able to respond to your efforts to discipline him and help keep him on a positive path. When nothing you try seems to make a difference, it Read more..

What Parents Should Look For In A Utah School For Troubled Youth

The teenage years are a particularly crucial time of learning and development. When severe behavioral issues disrupt this formative time, it can make a potentially permanent impact. If your teen is struggling, despite your efforts to help him make positive changes, it may be time to consider a solution that is a little more therapeutically Read more..

What Therapy Would My Son Get At Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Utah

Teens with severe behavioral problems are at risk for jeopardizing the emotional development that is so crucial during the adolescent years. If your teen is struggling with an issue like depression, defiance, substance abuse or a mental disorder, you may want to consider more intensive help than you can provide at home. Full time facilities Read more..

Help Your Boy Learn Life Lessons Cooking

Dealing with a troubled teen means you need to use all your creativity when it comes to finding a method of healing that resonates with him. While some options, like talk therapy and recreational therapy, have long been considered successful, there are new players on the field that are highly beneficial for struggling teens as Read more..

Does My Teenage Boy Understand The Risk Of Unsafe Sex?

One of the main challenges of raising teens is giving them the independence they need to learn how to become self-sufficient adults while keeping enough of a reign on them in order to prevent consequences that could affect them for their entire lives. Sexual activity is one of these areas and often gets brushed under Read more..

Know The Challenges Your Teenage Boy Is Facing Daily?

With all the challenges that teenage boys have to face these days, there may never have been a harder time to navigate the adolescent years. Each new generation adds a few more stumbling blocks on the path to successful adulthood and teens need the support of their parents more than ever. Knowing what kind of Read more..

Social Media’s Impact On Self-Esteem & It’s Effects On Teens Today – Infographic

Do you wonder If your teen is being effected by social media? Social media does incredible things for teens today, but  knowing how it can impact your teens self esteem can prepare you to be more capable of helping your teen during these times. Often teens are shown unrealistic expectations that can influence their lives. Read more..

How I Helped My Teen Develop Great Life Skills

When your children are small, it is tempting to think that you still have all the time in the world to help them develop the life skills they need to become successful members of society. Once your child becomes a teenager however, it is time to make sure they are really learning what they need Read more..

7 Ways To Help Teens Build Their Own Confidence

Self-confidence is often a major hurdle for teens because they live in a world where they long to be accepted by their peers. Some end up turning to unhealthy coping methods, like substance abuse and bullying, to feel a sense of control. Helping your son build his confidence will help him develop resilience and the Read more..