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What Your Troubled Teen Can Learn While Attending Boarding Schools For Troubled Boys

Teens suffering from severe behavioral issues are at risk for jeopardizing their emotional development as well as their ability to maintain healthy relationships. If you have a teen dealing with an issue like defiance, depression, substance abuse, self-harm or a mental disorder, you may find that you need more intensive care for him than you Read more..

Help Your Teen By Discussing Mental Disorders Early

As medical experts are gaining more understanding of mental illnesses, diagnoses and treatments are becoming more common. Chances are, teens will encounter someone in their friends or family groups with a mental disorder, and parents can help them learn more about these conditions by holding discussions early and frequently. Teens and Mental Disorders Mental disorders Read more..

What Is Different At Therapeutic Boarding Schools For Boys?

Raising a teen with behavioral issues can be one of the most challenging experiences for a parent. If you have made every effort to help your son turn his life around with little or no results, it may be time to consider a more intensive solution. Therapeutic boarding schools and other full time facilities can Read more..

Technology Companies Work Toward Helping Teens Prevent Suicide

Teen suicide is a devastating thing for family members to go through, and many people are left wondering what they could have done to make a difference in the victim’s hour of need. One well-known company is stepping up and using technology to link depressed and suicidal teens to friends and family, counselors and more, Read more..

Are Teens Today Way Over-medicated?

Parents want to do everything possible to help their struggling teens, and sometimes medical professionals recommend medicines to help with emotional, behavioral or physical conditions that may be the root of a troubled teen’s problems. Treating kids with drugs when appropriate is on the rise, and early intervention can make a big difference in the teen’s Read more..

Finding Help For Troubled Teens

Teens dealing with severe behavioral issues put their parents through a lot of worry and stress which can ultimately lead to some difficult decision making. While most parents would prefer to handle their child’s needs at home, it is sometimes not possible. Some troubled boys need a more intensive environment where they can be removed Read more..

What To Expect From Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Severe behavioral issues in teens can cause a number of disruptions in emotional development and ability to create and maintain healthy relationships. If your teen is struggling and not responding to your efforts to help, you may need to consider a full time solution like a therapeutic boarding school. While it feels like an extreme Read more..

Choosing The Best Programs For Troubled Teens

If you have been parenting a teen with severe behavioral issues for a while, you may have hit a point where you feel as though none of your efforts are making any difference. Issues like defiance, depression, substance abuse and mental issues not only exhaust you, but can also derail his healthy development. If you Read more..

Finding The Therapeutic Boarding Schools That Fit Your Child’s Needs

Adolescence is a particularly important time of growth and learning. When severe behavioral issues are introduced into these formative years, it can make a negative impact on healthy development. If your teen is still struggling despite your efforts to help him turn his life around, you may need to consider outside intervention. Full time programs Read more..