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Getting Necessary Help At Residential Treatment Centers For Adolescent Boys

Parenting a teenager is almost always an exhausting job, but if your son is exhibiting extreme behavioral issues, it can lead to serious stress, worry and frustration. Although there are outpatient options you can try, such as counseling and disciplinary tactics, it may not be enough. Residential treatment centers are full time facilities that remove Read more..

Effectively Preparing Your Teen For Treatment Of Mental Health, Substance Abuse And Behavioral Problems

People of all ages can benefit from some kind of professional assistance like therapy, from children and teens to adults at different stages in life. When it comes to teenagers and therapy, the sessions can be valuable in helping them deal with challenges they face and develop a better sense of their own needs and Read more..

Motivating Teen Boys For Long Term Success In School, Relationships, And Life

It’s sometimes difficult for parents to figure the methods for motivating teen boys and get them on track and complete tasks in their daily life, at home, school and work. Often, parents feel frustrated that their teen boys won’t do anything unless they yell, threaten and even punish. Parents don’t want their teen sons to fail, Read more..

Boarding Schools In Utah For Boys That Have Lost Control Of Their Lives

Therapeutic boarding schools are full time residential treatment centers that provide housing and specialized care for teens with severe behavioral issues. The supportive and immersive environment of such programs allows teens to get away from the triggers and temptations they deal with at home and become more receptive to making positive changes. With the help Read more..

The Dangers Of Helicopter Parenting Boys In The Defining Teen Years

While most parents will agree that a hands-on approach to raising kids can be a good thing, they may not really recognize when parental behavior crosses over the line into “helicopter parenting.”  Helicopter parenting, which is defined as extreme over-involvement by parents in a teen’s life, can actually hinder a teen’s normal growth and development. The Read more..

Helping Drug Abusing Teens Early On Can Make all The Difference

Parents who discover that their teenager has been abusing drugs may feel like it is the end of the world, but it is really just the beginning of a long and difficult recovery process. The approach that parents take to helping their troubled teen has a profound effect on whether or not they can overcome Read more..

Helping Boys Develop Their Character For The Real World

Good character is rarely something that develops on its own. Instead, good character in adults springs from good parenting and the experiences and opportunities during childhood and adolescence that shape young people into fine adults. For those teen boys who aren’t fortunate enough to have opportunities for character growth at home, there are plenty of Read more..

Opioid Overdose And Death Are A Real Threat For Teens Experimenting With Drugs

Prescription drug abuse is on the rise in the United States, and more teens than ever are dealing with the dangers associated with it. Opioid overdose and death are a real threat for teens experimenting with drugs, so parents must take every opportunity to talk with their children about drug abuse. Many teens think about Read more..

See What Makes Therapeutic Boarding Schools In Utah So Special

Dealing with a teen that is angry and defiant can be emotionally and physically draining as you lose sleep and energy trying to get your son to turn his life around. In such situations, a full time facility, like a therapeutic boarding school, can be a valuable resource for parents determined to get their child Read more..

Drug Abuse Is Too Easy With Dangerous New Innovations In the Drug Business

Several innovative products on the market today are enticing more teenagers than ever to get involved with drugs and alcohol. While these products are completely legal for adults, they are rapidly finding their way into the hands of teenagers, where they are not appropriate. Drug abuse is too easy with dangerous new innovations in the Read more..