Military Schools & Boot Camps For Boys

Parents with struggling teenage boys may feel as if they can rely on traditional schools and strict discipline to help straighten them out. However, when teens are suffering with mental illness, emotional disorders or similar challenges, they need a lot more than that. American parents are then motivated to look for a resident boarding school program that promises to rehabilitate their teen. Often, parents make the mistake of turning to military schools and boot camps for boys. The good news is that there are better options out there in the form of therapeutic boarding schools and resident treatment centers.

Sundance Canyon Academy is a top resident therapy school for troubled teen boys from across the country. Parents are welcome to call 1-866-678-2425 to learn more about why SCA is much better than military schools and boot camps for boys.

Why Should Parents Pick Sundance Canyon Academy?

Sundance Canyon Academy is the top choice for many parents who want their teenage sons to receive professional help in a treatment center that really cares about their well-being. Of course, not all resident treatment schools are the same, and there are many locations throughout the country where the laws and regulations about their operation are lax or non-existent. The good news about Sundance Canyon Academy is that its location is heavily regulated by state laws. That means SCA’s operations not only meet some of the highest standards in the land, but they far exceed a lot of the military schools and boot camps around the country.

 Testimonial Of A Parent

“Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for the care and guidance you gave our son. All of you worked together as a team to help him find his way. Thank you!” – Donna O. CA

Another advantage about enrolling a teen boy in Sundance Canyon Academy is that they benefit from a wonderful program that is managed by excellent employees. Military schools and boot camps for boys may not have the same level of expertise to really help kids. SCA’s well-respected staff members are licensed, trained and experienced. Each one does everything they can to ensure each student gets the right level of guidance and help they need to rehabilitate. Teachers, therapists, recreation experts and more are all part of what makes Sundance Canyon Academy a welcoming and supportive place for troubled teenage boys.

Military Schools & Boot Camps For Boys

Troubling Statistics on Risky Behavior in Teen Boys

While most parents of teen boys come to expect a little bit of rebellion with things like drinking, with troubled teens, risky behavior is a big warning sign. Continual participation in behavior that is destructive and dangerous can harm themselves and their futures. Teens in these situations really need professional help. When teen boys face fear and pain on their own, they often engage in bad behavior to mask their frustration. Any teen boy that is struggling with behavior issues needs to have parents intervene.

Here are just a few statistics that focus on risky behavior in teens from across the country.

  • 20 percent of teen boys in the USA drink before turning 13
  • 40 percent of boys in the country report they’ve experimented with marijuana at least once
  • 7 percent of the teenage boys nationwide abuse prescription drugs
  • Just 83 percent of American teenagers ever graduate from high school
  • The average suicide rate for the USA is 12.97/100,000

Most troubled teens won’t or can’t ask their parents for help, so it’s the parent’s job to step in and make some hard decisions on their child’s behalf. Sometimes, admitting them to a resident boarding school is the best course of action. Military schools and boot camps simply won’t provide the support or therapy they need to overcome their mental health issues. Sundance Canyon Academy will definitely do a fine job in providing a structured and compassionate environment for healing.

Military Schools & Boot Camps For Boys

Avoid Military Schools and Boot Camps for Boys

Military schools and boot camps for boys depend on influencing teens to modify their behavior in order to comply with rules. Using lots of physical activity, harsher punishments and a pseudo-military style of teaching and training, these types of programs emphasize conformity rather than healing. Parents who select military schools and boot camps for boys simply usually don’ t know that there are better options out there.

Resident treatment centers and therapeutic boarding schools are some of the most successful programs out there and they are focused on whole healing and a therapy-based approach to rehabilitation. Unlike military schools and boot camps for boys, resident therapy schools are designed to help troubled teens dig deep into their mental illnesses and emotional issues to figure out the origins of bad behavior. Through lots of work, teens eventually learn to deal with their issues via coping mechanisms. The long-term results of a therapy resident school are much better than at other teen help programs.

Military schools and boot camps really lack many things when compared to boarding therapy schools:

  • There isn’t a focus on therapy delivered by a licensed and experienced therapist who knows how to guide teens through individual or group sessions.
  • There will be little or no focus on helping teens succeed academically through an emphasis on special education needs, and there may or may not be certified teachers running the classrooms.
  • There isn’t usually a recreation therapy program or even extracurricular activities where teens can develop new interests and skills.
  • There are not many life skills opportunities and classes that help teens with anything from personal hygiene and self-esteem to leadership and communication.
  • There won’t be a priority on transition programs that help bridge the gap between teens attending a resident school and getting back out into the real world, either with family or on their own.

All this and more is typical with military schools and boot camps for boys. For a comprehensive program with rehabilitation and healing as the primary goal, parents should look at therapeutic boarding schools. Once parents compare the different teen help programs, it’s easy to see why resident therapy programs are superior to military schools.

Programs like the one provided by Sundance Canyon Academy can be the answer to a worried parent’s problems with their teen sons. It doesn’t take much to compare SCA with military schools and boot camps for boys and see which one is the better option.

Military Schools & Boot Camps For Boys

Consider Sundance Canyon Academy Instead of Military Schools & Boot Camps

Sundance Canyon Academy is head and shoulders above any kind of boot camp or military school in Vermont or elsewhere in the country. That’s why so many parents are turning to therapy boarding schools like this one to get treatment for their teens. If parents only look at military schools and boot camps as the solution to their teenager’s troubles, they will definitely come up short. Sundance Canyon Academy can really help teenagers and their families get to a good place in their relationships and hope for their future.

If Sundance Canyon Academy could help you and sounds like the right therapeutic boarding school for your troubled boy needs please call us at 866.678.2425

If you have any questions please contact us or review our FAQ Page

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